Jet X Aerospace provides customer support, solutions, and management for your global aviation needs and special services.

Examples include:

Jet X Aerospace maintains a unique and unmatched position in the aviation industry and we offer nose to tail solutions on all aircraft types. By being the complete supply chain management for an international 121 air carrier our team has experienced the “no” is not an option pressure. We blend that solution minded effort with a swift response 24 hours, seven days a week. We are your go to aftermarket parts supplier.

Contact us today for any special projects, inventory for sale, looking for that hard to find item, or basically anything aviation related and we can assist.

Your support is our success and we thank you very much.

Jet-X Aerospace Officers & Department Heads

Names Designations
Jayson Carver President
David Carver Partner
Demetri Xydas Partner
Chris Spaid VP Operations
Brian Aranza VP Repair

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